Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Spring 08::Balenciaga

-Nicolas Ghesquiere brought to the runway an innovative yet contradictory show.
-The flower-inspired collection showed a mixed of hydrangeas, pansies, peonies and anemones as prints
-The volume was the highlight of the show, inspired in sports cars, the designer brought to the runway belled hip volumes, stand out shoulder lines and hand-span waisted dresses all paired up with gladiator high heel boots.
-Wearable or not? Who are we to judge. Ghesquiere is one of the few designers that has his piece of the market already established.

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Spring 08::Alexander McQueen

-The show was a tribute to Isabella Blow
-McQueen brought to the runway a combination of drapes and feathers, strong shouldered suits, check jackets, draped chiffons, georgette gowns, kimono tops, trapezoid shapes, Art Nouveau-patterned blouses and lots of bird-inspired hats and prints.
-I liked what I have seen.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Spring 08::Alessandro Dell'Aqua

-The collection was inspired on the Japanese photographer Araki
-Plasticized transparencies, rubber embroideries, lingerie details, obi belts, kimono sleeves, ostrich feathers and tulle ruffles were brought to the runway
-I loved the freshness and femininity of the organza layers showcasing the sexy lingerie underneath.

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Spring 08::Alberta Ferreti

-The designer brought to the runway a Greek Roman inspired collection with mini gladiator skirts, toga tunics and pleated dresses
-I love the simplicity of the jerseys dresses embellished with jewelry appliqués and draping details.
-Patent cropped jackets with metallic trimming
-Greek imagery used in chiffon dresses
-Muted colours with verdigris greens, lilacs and dark greys
-I absolutely loved this collection!

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Spring 08::AKRIS

-The designer was inspired by the maritime motif shown in the vertically striped sleeveless blouse worn with leggings and tailored jackets with naval uniforms back flap.
-Bright/acid colours paired up with whites and grays.
-The designer got lost in trying to set new trends. He should have focused on his strength, building tailored clothes to elegant women

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Spring 08::A.F.Vandervorst

-Transparent layers
-Plastic tranches
-Retro lingerie with bustiers, built-up bras as appliqués in nude jerseys
-Great boxy jackets with tailored lapels
-Beautiful draped dresses
-Whites, faded colours and red accessories
-Great collection!!!

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Spring 08::Adam

-Romantic Expressionist influence
-The Japanese inspiration was seen in the kimono sleeves and obi belts
-Floral appliqués
-Bleached-out colours & washed-out metallics

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Spring 08::Abaeté

-Retro chic mood where Art Deco meets expressionism
-Pinup-inspired silhouettes
-Colour block dresses
-Washed-out colours
-Floral details

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

SP 08 Late review

The SP 08 Europian and American collections brought to the runway a variety of trends and themes created by different inspirations. The designer’s were inspired by the Greek goddesses, the minimalist Madame Grès, the Asian culture and Art Deco prints. Muted colours were presented in the majority of the shows and washed-out metallics are still popular for next season. The runways showed a lot of layered and transparent fabrics, lingerie tops, pleated and draped details, plasticized materials, liquid jerseys, Japanese and Art Deco prints. Check out my favourite pieces of the season by designer. I hope you like it.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Costa Blanca X

Costa Blanca had launched a new concept chain called Costa Blanca X. The new concept store brings the latest trends in purses, shoes, boots, jewelry and other accessories. The store set up is completely different from the Costa Blanca clothing store layout, the white walls showcase the must have items of the season in a more upscale and refined concept at a much higher price point. It seems that Costa Blanca is trying to reposition the brand by opening a new store chain, however the disconnection in the price points might get the costumer confused.
As a former buyer I understand why Costa Blanca is trying to reposition the brand by aiming at a more profitable business model at higher price points, but as a consumer I couldn't care less about their revenue. I expect to find at Costa Blanca X an affordable trendy line that matches the brand’s perception. I find quite interesting that the chain opted to expand the brand (Costa Blanca X) instead of creating a new and fresh

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