Thursday, June 26, 2008

Best of Sao Paulo Fashion Week SP 09 - 05

Triton presented an "Amy Whinehouse"-inspired collection based on the 80's punk rock style. The company created a main character called the "butterfly girl". I love the white dress with the butterfly cutout details.

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Best of Sao Paulo Fashion Week SP 09 Swimwear

-Movimento presented a jungle-inspired collection. The collection have shown floral printed fabrics, animal printed motiefs, mettalic buckle details and earthy tones colors.

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Best of Sao Paulo Fashion Week SP 09 - 03

- Ellus brought to the spring 09 fashion week runway a massive fish tank where models would swam during the whole show. The fish tank symbolized the company's "underwater" theme collection.

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Best of Sao Paulo Fashion Week SP 09 - 02

- Osklen: the collection was inspired by the spring rainny season. The main focus of the Osklen collection is to combine comfort with style creating a casual yet hip look, characteristics seen on the easy fit and light fabrics.

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Best of Sao Paulo Fashion Week SP 09

- Forum by Tufi Duek: the Spring 09 collection was inspired by the Brazilian "lençois Maranhenses" rivers. The combination of sand, dunes, sky and water served as background to this light weighted, light colored collection where the women's body curves are the main focus.

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Friday, June 13, 2008

SP 09 Gaultier asian-inspired printed dress

I love this Spring 09 Jean Paul Gaultier printed dress. I love the Asian-inspired print, the color and pattern combination creates a feminine yet fresh look. It is a great tip for next summer buys.
p.s. since it is hot outside, I've decided to skip the winter 08 trends for now, and and talk first about the Spring/Summer 09 pieces I like, this way you can have a better idea of what to buy on the current season that can be worn next season.:)

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Friday, June 6, 2008

Mimo on the media

Mimo was feature on the Daytime program yesterday night at 11:00pm.
The pieces was presented by Sarah Hamel (Made you Look owner) as great pieces for the summer. Video to follow....

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tom Ford

Tom Ford was awarded with the menswear designer of the year prize of the Council of Fashion Designers of America’s (CFDA). Tom Ford’s label, launched last year, is recently new to the market place. The designer’s brand focuses on an extreme luxurious, head-to-toe men’s wardrobing and the strategy is to place the deluxe brand collection in stores that offered not just world-class tailoring, but an experience where the service, packaging and sales environment are as exceptional as the product.
For the ad campaign, the designer hired the controversial photographer Terry Richardson, know for his erotic imagery, to create a sensual/erotic campaign targeting its male audience. I think the ads are extremely controversial but genious, to say the least, it created a big buzz for the new collection. Although Europe is considered more "liberal"than America, the ads were banned by the Italian Advertising Institute for being too "vulgar" and for having scenes of "explicit sex"...GO FIGURE....


I LOVE these accessory shots because it portraits a 70's gueeky look with a hallucinogen/Wharol's factory feel.
Ad Campaign: Tom FordCollection: Fall/Winter 2007Photography by Marilyn Minter

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Back to stay...

Blog readers, I know I’ve been away for a while, but I have been busy working on my accessories and I went back to fashion school but now I am back to stay. Check new updates weekly….

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